In December 2012 I worked on a feature film project called “Birthday Cake” which was Written and Directed by Chad Darnell. It is the feature length sequel to the multi-award winning short film “Groom’s Cake.”

“A mockumentary following the three days leading up to the first birthday party of a child with two gay parents: television actor Steven James and his screenwriter husband, Daniel Ferguson. A movie about the family we are born into and the family we create.” 

I played Ruth Ferguson, the sister of the main character Daniel. I’m less than tolerant of my brother’s lifestyle and it brings us to a crossroads. Below is a still photo from the film with my brother Daniel (Chad Darnell) and my mother Judith played by industry great Helen Shaver.


The film has been accepted into two film festivals so far. The Kansas City LGBT Film Festival  and will premiere on June 24th at 8 pm. It will also screen at the 18th annual Philadelphia Qfest in July. You can view the just released trailer above!


Check the film out at IMDB by clicking the icon below.