Welcome to my first video blog…on my first official website.  

Alot of work has been put into getting this site just right.  I wanted it to be easy to navigate, as well as provide you with as much information about me and my work all in one place.  Plus, I’m a control freak…so learning how to do this myself was key.  Our business is ever changing and I look forward to sharing as many professional updates as possible.  With a little Shanda spin…so please enjoy my first video interview.  I hope you enjoy!  


My best,

Shanda Lee Munson


P.S. Special thanks to those who helped me get this website off the ground and were very patient with my endless questions and requests.  


Pearry Teo – Director/DP/Editor – Introduction video.  

Austin Nordell – DP/Editor of the video interview above.  Editor of my new demo reel.   

Sarah Sido – Website guru/teacher who wouldn’t let me quit and hire someone else to do this site for me.   

Lonny Huffar – Graphic designer and BFF who helped customize my icons.