“I loved playing with you…so easy…you are so good…your work is invisible and so much fun!” Helen Shaver (Director, Actress Birthday Cake)

“I cannot thank you enough for your patience and your brilliance today. You saved our lives in those last scenes. Girl, you’re amazing. I’m so glad I went with my instincts, because no one else would have brought what you did. I can not wait to get you working with James on stunts for the series.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Chad Darnell (Director, Writer of the pilot Project Phoenix, Birthday Cake and Moving Day)

“Shanda came in and nailed the part on The Sublime and Beautiful.  We didn’t need to look any further.”  Marci Liroff (Casting Director of E.T., Footloose, Mean Girls and Indiana Jones) 

“Shanda was a dream to work with. A true professional from her initial request to put herself on tape, which was so good I brought her in for a work session which resulted in us hiring her for the part. Then, she turned in a wonderful performance and was a fantastic addition to our movie The Sublime and Beautiful!” Blake Robbins (Director, Actor, and Writer) 

“Shanda was a professional delight and her attitude and charisma is a welcome change in all my movies.” Pearry Teo (Director of Dead Inside) 

“Shanda Munson has the quality of character and versatility that producers wish all their actors possessed. She was a positive force when she arrived on set, and the support she showed for her fellow actors was infectious. And when cameras rolled, she delivered a performance that was full of heart. Watching her span the spectrum from stern to deeply compassionate as she portrayed “Sarah’s Mother” in our production was truly moving, and we had plenty of wonderful takes to select from in the editing room. Shanda’s a true pleasure to work with, and a wonderful woman to know.” Jennifer Zhang (Writer/Producer of Dead Inside)

“Working with Shanda is effortless because she opens herself up to you as a fellow actor…when those doors swing wide, you realize that behind those captivating eyes is an unpredictable, meticulous, chameleon-like spirit ready to mold herself to the most or little you give her. And she bounces it back in spades of the way that only the pros can really do. I’d work with her on anything. And though we shared little screen time together on Ghostbreakers, the comfortability she gives you makes you feel as if you’ve known her your whole life. Can’t wait to see this woman in everything.” Frank Mosley (Actor) 

“Shanda is a special kind of actress. Her talent lies not only in her ability to comprehend material and perform necessary character and script analysis, but also in taking and applying direction and adjustments on the fly. Her dedication to her craft are evident in her willingness and ability to perform at a professional level on very short notice, and bring quality to her character with immense self-confidence. I have great faith in her as a performer and would be honored to work with her anytime.” Roger Sampson (Producer, Writer, Actor on the pilot Fatbusters)

“Shanda is funny, smart, and pretty…and good at acting.” Tom Huckabee (Writer on Ghostbreakers) 

“Shanda Munson IS the next Mary Tyler Moore! Honestly speaking, she is a consummate professional unafraid to take risks and that…is one of her many strong suits. She was the anchor for the show and I am a very proud to have worked with her.” Bryan Massey (Actor on Ghostbreakers and President and Founder of the Bryan Massey Fan Club) 

“I can tell you from personal experience that acting with Shanda on Paranoid was a pure pleasure. She is a consummate professional through and through, good humored, and extremely easy to work with both on and off the set. Shanda is always focused on bringing her best. She’s not just a knockout, and she’s not only one of the most talented and disciplined actors you’re likely to ever meet, she’s also a genuinely nice person too. I truly believe she is destined for great things. Denny Zartman (Actor) 

“Shanda shows up to set with that huge smile and a warmth that breaks through any stress. Kind and dangerously funny, extremely organized, prepared and focused. She is a dream to work with as she is very easy going yet utterly focused in between takes. Even though she is drop dead gorgeous she is so down to earth there was no feeling from me of being intimidated or less than. Our production company is actively seeking her out for roles in our films having experienced first hand the wonderful human being she is as well as such a rich, devoted artist.” Elizabeth Devries (Actress on Dead Inside) 

“I worked with Shanda in several scenes in Cathedral Canyon. She was a pleasure to work with and is a very talented professional actor.” Tomas Johansson (Actor)